Debbie Burack - Health Content Writer

Healthcare content must be clear and helpful, not complex and confusing. 

Do you want to:

Build your wellness business?

Highlight your medical expertise?

Help people enhance their health? 

You need the right type of content. 

Clear, effective communication is the only path to develop trust and partner with your readers=clients.

I convey healthcare and medical messages with familiar words - words to which real people can relate, words to communicate your knowledge and connect with your clients.

Blogs, landing pages, branding guidelines, press releases, news articles, email newsletters, Q&A knowledge bases, email newsletters, product descriptions, social media posts... I’ll work with you to create content to position you as a top-tier expert, driving more traffic to your website. 

Using your unique voice as the backdrop for your web content, I write words that go right to the point.

What clients have to say:

     "In the past 2 years, Debbie has written hundreds of webpages for the International Medical Tourism Division at Sheba Medical Center. She is undoubtedly a most highly qualified writer, her texts are always coherent and professional, and her knowledge of the medical terms and system is noticeable.

Moreover, Debbie is a very pleasant and responsible person, who never missed a deadline, and all communication with her is nothing but an A+ experience. Thank you, Debbie!"

Yulia Yusim, Senior Marketing Coordinator, International Medical Tourism Division, Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer, Israel

     "It was a great pleasure working with Debbie! It's hard to overestimate her input into projects we worked on together.

She has always been more than a content writer - she partners with a client for projects and helps them to outreach their goals. Debbie asks the right questions and truly invests in her work.Besides being a detail-oriented highly professional content writer who does her research and deep-dives into a subject, Debbie is an organized, reliable and responsive person I enjoyed working with. I strongly recommend Debbie for projects that require high-quality content writing."        

Galia Lahav, Digital Project Manager, iLogic Internet Marketing Solutions

     "I have always been amazed by Debbie's ability to consistently write outstanding content. Her level of self-organization has influenced the way our team manages our content writing and increased our productivity and ability to offer more unique Healthcare content for an ever increasing number clients. 

Debbie has been a part of my team since 2016. I will always seek to bring Debbie into as many projects as possible. Any website or team would be lucky to work with Debbie and benefit from her creativity, ability and professionalism."
Dov Shore, SEO Specialist, EyeCarePro

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